SIX Lockdowns across the United States TODAY

Big Bend searched after false report of shootingIn today’s news, there were SIX locations across the US that went into lockdown after being anonymously being tipped off to either and active shooter or bomb threat that turned out to be fake (known as “swatting“):

I find it odd that all six of these locations went on lockdown via anonymous tip around the same time and, luckily, no active shooter had been engaged and no explosive device had been found.  While some might subscribe to coincidence, I do not.  WHAT IF these anonymous tip offs were meant to test out the response of each of these institutions and/or locations?  While there’s nothing concrete to support more than a theory, I can not help, but to recollect the novel Day of Wrath, where an orchestrated attack is unveiled on America in separate cities across the US.

Big Bend searched after false report of shooting

Big Bend searched after false report of shooting, lockdown over

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