SIX Lockdowns across the United States TODAY

Big Bend searched after false report of shootingIn today’s news, there were SIX locations across the US that went into lockdown after being anonymously being tipped off to either and active shooter or bomb threat that turned out to be fake (known as “swatting“) [Read more…]

Bug Out Bag Crucial, Even in Small, Uneventful Towns

Entering Wenatchee sign WA Fire 6-28-2015

On Sunday, June 28th, my wife and I heard news on the radio that a fire had broken out in Wenatchee, WA and our thoughts immediately turned to family living in the area.  After a few phone calls and texts we were on our way to Wenatchee to escort our sister-in-law, niece and nephew to stay with family in Quincy.  [Read more…]

Emergency Preparedness Fairs/Events

Recently, there’s been a little bit of buzz in my community regarding an upcoming Emergency Preparedness Fair. This would normally seem like a good thing, except for the fact that this goes against one of the core rules of being a preper and keeping yourself and preps secret from others.  Although there are quite a few prepers in my community, due to the higher mormon demographics of the city, I still would not be telling people what I have, how much and for what reasons. [Read more…]

hacked by Jingklong

This morning, many of my clients’ web sites were hacked and the index.php page was replaced with a simply message:

hacked by Jingklong

I couldn’t FTP, so I used SSH to edit the index.php files to their latest backup.  For WordPress sites, I found that I could login to the Administration and reinstall the latest version of WordPress and the hacked index.php file would be overwritten.