Potable Aqua PURE Electrolytic Water Purifier for Pure Drinking Water

Potable Aqua PURE Electrolytic Water Purifier for Pure Drinking Water Purification for Hiking and SurvivalThis is one of the most impressive items I’ve added to my Bug Out Bag in a long time!

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Alpine Air Pineapple Orange Chicken

Alpine Aire Pineapple Orange Chicken Freeze Dried FoodSo far, this has to be the worst freeze dried meal I have ever tried! [Read more…]

Quick Access to Tape

Use a large carabiner to secure multiple rolls of tape to your bug out bag

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The Borrowed World…Excellent Book That Focuses on a Sound Bug In and Bug Out Strategy

The Borrowed World Franklin Horton

The Borrowed World, by Franklin Horton is an eye opening novel that illustrates the trials and tribulations of a avid prepper named Jim, who is stranded with five of his co-workers, hundreds of miles away from his family, home and the majority of his preparations.  In this novel a worst-case scenario of a multi-pronged attack on the energy grid and oil refineries of the United States leaves the whole country in a state of panic where the comforts of life quickly degrade and the necessities become threatened.  While Jim finds himself prepared for the most part, there’s a lot he must adapt to in order to quickly and safely get home to his family, who is also enduring different hardships of their own.
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True Lime, True Lemon, True Orange Packets

True Lime, True Lemon, True Orange Packets Flavoring

Most people think that to add flavor to your food it can only mean to add some brand of hot sauce to it, or if you’re not concerned about your blood pressure, adding salt.  I came across True Lime about 3 months ago and loved it so much I had to get my hands on True Lemon and True Orange.  I think these would be in the top 5 list of unexpected things you should pack in your get out of Dodge bag.

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